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I have been blessed to meet many kind and wonderful people in my life so far who have been generous enough to put pen to paper and record their impression of me. Here are just a few.

Shao Ping Yeh

Chinese Language Teacher -

The Illawarra Grammar School

"Ellen's caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in a team setting, as she always respects other’s opinions while contributing her own.

Ellen is a tireless volunteer and leader, and she has exhibited both creativity in solving problems and a positive mindset within a variety of classroom and school based activities. She is an engaged and considerate student who regularly demonstrates her ability, not only with her academic excellence but in many other areas, such as her leadership, presentations and desire to learn new skills."

Dr. George Williams

"Ellen was a pleasure to have in our practice. She showed great commitment to learning and great empathy for the children and their families."

Paediatrician - St. George Hospital

Jean Burton

Dean of Senior Students - 

The Illawarra Grammar School

"Ellen has demonstrated superlative research skills, extensive investigation and she has sophisticated analytical skills. She is hard-working, highly motivated and always striving to achieve her best, which has deservedly resulted in her receiving a plethora of academic awards which bear testimony to her high level abilities. 

Throughout the time I have known her, Ellen has particularly impressed me with her maturity, integrity and her empathy for others. Within the classroom and in her role as Coligan House Captain, she has demonstrated her enthusiasm, her compassion and her leadership qualities. 

Ellen is an excellent team member being co-operative and dexterous, able to work under pressure and meet deadlines while exercising initiative and implementing humour to dissolve tension. 

I recommend Ellen to you without reservation."

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